Centers and People:
  1. SHA-3 Zoo
  2. Hash Function Zoo
  3. LNCS Cryptography Volumes
  4. Center for Advanced Computing - Algorithms and Cryptography
  5. Group for Cryptographic Research at Tsinghua University
  6. Cryptography and Security Department at I2R, Singapore
  7. Crypto Group at Technical University of Denmark
  8. Cryptology Pointers by Helger Lipmaa
  9. Cryptology ePrint Archive
  10. IACR, international association for cryptologic research
  11. Ronald L. Rivest's links
  12. David Wagner's links
  13. Hongjun Wu's links
  14. List of cryptographers by Wikipedia
  15. The Hash Function Lounge introduces most of old hash functions
  16. The Block Cipher Lounge maintained by Lars Knudsen and Vincent Rijmen
  17. Acceptance rate of IACR conferences and workshops by Lars Knudsen

    Call for papers:
  18. Call for paper by UCL Crypto Group
  19. Call for new hash standard SHA-3 by NIST
  20. CAESAR competition

  21. Programming:
  22. NTL, a library for doing number theory by Victor Shoup
  23. A Computational Introduction to Number Theory and Algebra, by Victor Shoup
  24. SAGE: open source mathematics software
  25. OpenMPI, open source high performance computing
  26. OpenMP for parallel programming
  27. C3, cluster command and control
  28. Crypto++, a free c++ class library of cryptographic schemes
  29. LiDIA, a c++ library for computational number theory
    How to write papers:
  30. Collection by Lowa State Univeristy
  31. Essay by Oded Goldreich
  32. Tips by Shai Halevi
  33. Ten Reasons why a paper is rejected from Crypto Conference
  34. Free math eBooks
  35. Open course ware by MIT
  36. Jobs@IACR
  37. Jobs@CRA